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Tanzania emerging youth awards (TEYA Awards 2022) Winners

Tanzania emerging Youth awards (TEYA) 2022 is the youth awards intended to raise youth profile, build capacity and highlight the contribution they are making towards developing a fairer, sustainable, peaceful, and prosperous future for the United Republic of Tanzania. In other way Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards is an initiative that was founded and owed since 2021 under Africa Youth Transformation Tanzania (AYT).

Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards (TEYA) Team member
Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards (TEYA) Team member

AYT is striving at ensuring youth initiatives and work efforts are recognized and uplifted. TEYA give national recognition and support to those young men and women age 15 -35 who have demonstrated young peoples capacity and potential to make positive contributions to their communities, nations and the world at large in finding sustainable solutions. Check the video below explain everything about the Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards 2022

Objectives of Tanzania emerging youth awards TEYA 2022

The Tazania Emerging Youth awards TEYA as part of Africa Youth Transformation has the following objectives;
1. Highlight the contribution young people are making to promote the common goal of a future built on fairness, peace, prosperity and sustainability.
2. Acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by young people to overall development in the Tanzania.
3. Create an environment which will encourage and sustain investments in youth led development.
4. Illustrate the depth and breadth of talent, commitment, innovation, and creativity that exists among young people across Tanzania by highlighting nominees’ success stories.

Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards (TEYA) Nominee and winner in each category 2022

TEYA Awards 2022 focus on the following areas or category which is; Technology and Digital Sector, Health Development, Entrepreneurship sector,Peace Building and development, Social Development Sector, Education Sector, Culture and Arts industry as well as Leadership for impact. The Tanzania Emerging Youth (TEYA Awards 2022) winner will be published on the official TEYA website and in their Twitter and Instagram page. The following are the nominee and winner plus their respective category;

1. Nominee for TEYA Outstanding Youth in Environment.

TEYA Awards 2022 nominate in this category include David Denis Harishay, Laurel James Kivuyo, Nancy Iraba, Shaminu wasii Nyandawa and Upendo Mwakyusa. The winner is upendo Mwakyusa.

2. Nominate for TEYA Media Personality of the Year – Female

Tanzania Emerging Youth awards (TEYA) 2022 nominee under this category include Getrude Steve,  Anastazia Michael and Oliver Mathias Magowa. The winner is Anastazia Michael

3. TEYA nominate for Media Personality of the Year – Male

The TEYA 2022 nominee in this category include; Francis Ayubu Chobo, Nurdin Kabwanga, Barnabas Mbunda, Awardh Omary Kariki and Johnson Ndaba. The winner is Nurdin Kabwanga.

4. TEYA Best educator of the Year

Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards nominee in this category include, Rebatus Mahuyu from Dar es salaam, Generation Empower, Godfrey Kilimomweshi, Mtoto App as well as Mike Kuley from Arusha. The winner is Mike Kuley

5. TEYA Young Innovator of the Year

Nominate in this category include Isai Mathias and Kimaro Simon both from Dodoma and Dar es salaam respectively. The winner is Kimaro Simon

6. TEYA Nominees for Young Profession in Education.

Tanzania Emerging Youth awards nominees in this category include Frahini Godlike Mmbakweni, Godfrey Nchungu Masembe, Kelvin Mwita and Khamis Badru founder of Shule direct. The winner is Frahini Godlike Mmbakweni

7. TEYA nominee for Best Technology Champion

In this category Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards nominate include Baraka Israel Mafole, co-founder of Sanuka kidigitali, Fly App founder, Caroline Paul Mohoni and Ndabuye Sengayo Gideon. The winner is Ndabuye Sengayo Gideon.

• Innovation category the winner is Harithi Juma, outstanding youth in health care is Maximilian Godwin, Young Media personality is Agness nduguru

Alternatively you can check TEYA Awards 2022 winners through this tweet

More about Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards TEYA

The Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards is an initiative that was founded and owed since 2021 under Africa Youth Transformation Tanzania (AYT). AYT is striving at ensuring youth initiatives and work efforts are recognized and uplifted, therefore Tanzania Emerging youth Awards will enhance and scale up by creating/ sharing opportunities and connecting youth with business legibility potentials, network and to show case their work. Youth in Tanzania face challenges that includes no open and sustainable platform to recognize their development effort in country level, there is always an important potential to value, appreciate and recognize youth as individuals/group effort, this will help motivate and inspire other youth and development stakeholders to invest in youth. The long term vision is to scale TEYA initiative reaching grossroot youth at the regional level working closely with Local Government Youth Development Officers.

The World Youth Report on “Youth and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, prepared by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), examines the mutually supportive roles of the new agenda and current youth development efforts. The report provides insight into the role of young people in sustainable development in the context of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Far from being mere beneficiaries of the 2030 Agenda, young people have been active architects in its development and continue to be engaged in development initiatives within Tanzania and those all touches around the sustainable development goals. AYT urges that having the Tanzania Youth Emerging Youth Awards during week of the commemoration of IYD with the fact that; International Youth Day gives an opportunity to celebrate, recognize and mainstream young peoples’ voices, actions and initiatives, as well as their meaningful, universal and equitable engagement.

Eligibility requirements before participating in TEA awards

Application are required to review Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards criteria requirements before applying to be nominated. Those eligibility criteria or requirements include;
1.The nominee must have been engaged in development work for more than 12 months, either in a professional or voluntary capacity.
2.The nominee must be a Tanzanian citizen and the development work must be taking place in Tanzania (Mainland or Zanzibar).
3.The nominee should not be older than 35 on 30 July 2022.
Individuals/ entity / organization can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone who can accurately describe their development work.
4.The winners must agree to take part in publicity generated by the AYT and the awards committee.
5. All past awarded winners aren’t legible to participate in nomination.

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Tanzania Emerging Youth Awards address

Are you looking for Tanzania Emerging Youth awards (TEYA) address? You can directly interact with TEYA team via the following address;
• Physical address: Dar es salaam 14113 or 7 Mnadazagawa St. Dar es salaam
• Phone number: +255 737 101 088
• Email:
• Website:

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