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KCMC OSIM Login | Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University login, results and timetable

At the end of this article you will be able to login, check results and online application at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University KCMC Student Portal

Are you looking to access KCMC OSIM login portal or you want to access KCMCo OSIM results accessed at If your answer is yes then you’re in the right direction and right place because in this article I’m going to show you step by step on how to login in or access KCMC osim login portal dashboard or do KCMUCo osim online application at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University

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Without wasting time let’s see how Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University Student Portal works…

About KCMC OSIM Login Portal

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University OSIM is a gateway to access and manage student personal information without any problem. The Student Information Management System (OSIM) holds all the information relating to students.In this article I will provide with you step by step guidelines to access your Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University student login portal. There’s numerous academic activity you can perform in your KCMC OSIM login portal account. Things you can do in your kcmcuo osim student portal include;

• Register for Courses online
• View Course Progress and Results
• Forums
•Teaching Staff
• View list of Students per Course
• Publish Course Results
• Track Students Progress/Reports
• Payment Management
• Accomodations

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How to login in KCMC OSIM – Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University Student Portal

Follow the following procedures to access your KCMC OSIM Portal (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University) student portal login;
Step 1. Launch your browser
Step 2. Navigate to:
Step 3. Enter your Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University osim student Portal username and password as shown below

• Step 4. Click login after correctly filling your information.

How to KCMC OSIM Account?

Follow this simple steps to create account on KCMC OSIM account;
• Use your institute registration Number to sign up
• For new Students (Click here the Link that says “Get Your Reg Number” Above) and use that registration number to sign up

Password Instructions

Do you want to create password on KCMC OSIM account but you tried many time to create password and you end up failed. Just follow this simple steps to create account on KCMC osim of Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University Student Portal (KCMC OSIM) Portal;
• You are required to use Strong Passwords.
• Password must contain atleast one Uppercase letter,atleast one lowercase letter,atleast one Numeric Digit and atleast one Special Symbol like ($,%,*,-,+,=,! ..).
e.g joHn**2014 is a strong password commbination and is accepted by system.
• e.g henry–KHZ19 is also a strong password combination.
e.g nashon is a weak password. the system will deny sign up with this password

How to reset  KCMC OSIM password

There’s a situation where you forget or loose your KCMUCO OSIM password. In this short guide I’m going to show you how to reset or change your KCMC OSIM password quickly. Follow the following steps to get started;
Step 1. Visit your admissions office or ICT office
Step 2. Tell them your concern that you’re looking to reset password because you forgot OSIM KCMC password. From there they will help you change or reset password.

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University KCMC online application

To apply in the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University is quite simple. You can start your admissions to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University by click the following link;
1. KCMC online application: Click Here
2. KCMC Website: Click here
3. Click here to Apply for Ordinary Diploma
4. Click here to apply for Bachelor Degree
5. Click here to apply for Doctorate Programs
6. Are you KCMC Alumini don’t have OSIM Account Click Here
7. Academic Staff don’t have OSIM Account Sign up Here
8. Are you a transfer student want to join KCMC Click Here

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