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[NEW] Jinsi ya kupata Cheti Cha Kifo Online – How to get Death Certificate at RITA

Here you will get jinsi ya kupata cheti Cha kifo Cha mzazi online via Rita death and birth portal at

Are you looking for jinsi ya kupata cheti Cha kifo online hereinafter death certificate or RITA cheti Cha kifo pdf at If your answer is yes then you’re in the right direction and right hands

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I’m going to show you step by step on how to get death certificate online and download it, scan it and submit it to Rita for verification also send it to HESLB as major requirements in order to get HESLB or University Loan if one of your parents die


How to Fill NIDA Online Application Form:…

Due to Development of science and Technology in many government institution, now you can get death certificate online by just filling the required information at RITA birth and death registration and verification portal knows as

What do you need before Get Death Certificate at RITA

Before you start process of getting death certificate or kupata cheti Cha kifo mtandaoni you need to have account at Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency hereinafter RITA. If you don’t have account don’t worry. We have posted an article showing step by step on how to create account on RITA Birth and Death Registration and verification portal portal hereinafter
Click here to see how to create account on Rita Online verification portal. Another document you need before you get death certificate include is;
1. Documents like Funeral permit
2. Passport size of applicant
3. Introduction letter from Village Executive Council (VEO)
4. Death certificate fee which is Tanzania Shilings Tsh. 3500/=

Why it’s important to have Birth Certificate in Tanzania

To have death certificate in Tanzania is very important especially if you’re looking to apply for loan provided by Higher Education Student Loan Board hereinafter HESLB, especially if you have one of your parents already passed away, without a copy of verified death certificate you will not be eligible to get loan from HESLB.

How to get Death Certificate at RITA online Tanzania – Jinsi ya kupata cheti Cha kuzaliwa online

To get death certificate online in Tanzania is quite simple. Follow these simple steps in order to get online death certificate verification;
Step 1. Launch your browser through mobile phone or desktop
Step 2. Navigate to:
Step 3. Login into your account. If you don’t have Rita online birth verification account click here to open one.
Step 4. Within your account click “Death Service” tab and then click button titled “New Death Certificate ” as shown in the screenshot below

Jinsi ya kupata cheti Cha kifo online via Rita online Portal
Jinsi ya kupata cheti Cha kifo online via Rita online Portal

Step 5. Fill all required information, after filling those information, you will receive Control number to pay death verification fees which is Tsh. 3500
Step 6. Submit your application after correctly fill all required information and then download form D3 then attach the required documents I shown above and go to RITA Registrar office in your District

Pro Tip: If you want to make correction in the death certificate you can do all steps on Rita online Portal by following the steps above then click on Death service and then “correction” tab fill the required information and follow all the information you need to fulfill, then you will be able to correct death certificate online.

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