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Jinsi ya Kuomba Passport Online | Tanzania Passport Application Requirements

At the end of this article you will be able to know how to apply Tanzania password, requirements needed, Tanzania passport fees etc

Hi! are you looking for Jinsi ya kuomba Passport Online, Tanzania Passport Application at If your answer is yes then you’re in the right direction because in this article I will show you Tanzania passport application requirements, Tanzania Passport cost, how to renew Tanzania passport in USA as well as how to see Tanzania passport ranking

Some Tanzanian don’t know the advantage of having Tanzania passport. Most of people start Tanzania passport application when they want to travel abroad, study, to vist friends and for business purposes. But according to Tanzania law passport is the right for every person. It doesn’t matter wether you want to travel or not.

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Apart from the advantage of having passport I mentioned above, there’s another importance of Tanzania passport for those who don’t want to travel. For example those people doing online business (tech enterpreneur) sometimes they need password to verify identity (KYC).

For example the well known freelancing platform like Fiverr, Upwork and require a freelancer from Tanzania to verify his identity by uploading Passport in order to get paid and continue winning job. This is one of the importance of having password.

Tanzania Passport requirements

Tanzania passport requirements. For one who want to apply for Tanzania passport must meet the following Tanzania passport requirements • Applicant’s Birth Certificate
• Birth Certificate/Affidavit of one of the Applicant’s Parents
• Applicant National ID
• Applicant’s recent photo with a light blue background (Light blue Background)
• Tanzania passport Application Form fee Tsh. 20,000
• Evidence of Travel or Evidence of Activity performed by the Applicant. For example if you apply visa for study you must show “Admissions letter”

How to apply Tanzania passport online (Step by Step)

To start Tanzania Passport Application, kindly follow the following simple procedure in order to get started.
1. Launch your Browser and navigate to:
2. Click Start to fill out the form, for a New Request as shown in the screenshot below

Tanzania Passport Application
How to Apply Tanzania passport online

3. Click CONTINUE to continue with an unfinished Request. You will be required to fill in the Reference ID of your Application and the relevant Application Number
4. Fill in your correct Information completely
5. Save your Application ID for future use.
6. Fill in Old Passport Information (if you ever had a passport)
7. Fill in the information of the guarantors or people who you would like to be informed of in case you have any problems
Attach all required Exhibits (according to instructions)
8. Review all your Information and then click agree if it is correct
9. Pay Tanzania Passport Application Form fee after you have been Control Number. Remember currently Tanzania passport application fee is Tsh. 20000/=

Tanzania Passport Application Form

Tanzania Application Form. With the recent changes now days all Passport Application in Tanzania are done online by filling Tanzania passport application form form found in Tanzania immigration official website. After after filling it correctly one can download Tanzania passport application form in form of PDF and go directly to nearby immigration office for further steps.Click here to Fill Tanzania Passport Application Form

How to Track Tanzania passport application Status

Tanzania passport application tracking is quite simple. By tracking the your Tanzania passport application status you will be able to know the progress of your passport application. To track your Tanzania passport application status Click here, you will be required to enter your application ID and phone number

Tanzania Passport Ranking

According to the data collected by Global Passport Index  show that the Tanzanian passport is currently ranked 74th among global passports, Also according to Passport Index.Org Tanzania passport rank 71th previous year with their citizen can travel 38 countries Visa free

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