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How to earn free airtime, money and free data from Geopoll Survey App

At the end of this article you will be able to sign up on Geopoll, earn Geopoll credit and how to redeem Geopoll credit.

Geopoll survey is one of the best way to earn free airtime, earn passive income and also the best way to earn free data by doing small task through Geopoll App in PC or android.

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Therefore if you’re in Tanzania and you’re struggling to find the best way to earn free airtime just try Geopoll Tanzania. In my case I made a lot of credit from Geopoll and then redeem it to get free airtime via Mpesa Tanzania.

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What is Geopoll

Geopoll is the survey and research app that enables user to earn passive income through participating in their survey. According to data obtained from their official website state that they completed survey over 85+ countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

How to Register on Geopoll

Geopoll registration is quite simple, all you need to do is just download Geopoll APK (app) alternatively you can download Geopoll App here. Enter your phone number. If you’re from Tanzania I advise you to use Vodacom Tanzania because it’s very simple and fast to redeem your earned credit into airtime or data subscription, after that you will be requested to add invite code, enter 7EXC9HC as invite code. Then you’re ready to go to make passive income and free data using Geopoll

Best Ways to get free airtime from Geopoll

There’s different ways to earn credits on Geopoll and start earning free airtime. In this guide I will explain just 5 ways to earn free airtime and free data on Geopoll;

1. Through doing Geopoll Survey

Geopoll offer couple of survey for every one who download Geopoll App. Geopoll survey is quite simple and easy to perform for example you will be asked what is your name? What’s your date of birth, do you own phone, smartphone etc. For example I usually receive these kind of survey as shown below

Sample of Geopoll Survey
Sample of Geopoll Survey


Another example of Geopoll survey is this one below

Sample of Geopoll survey questions
Sample of Geopoll Survey

So as you can see Geopoll survey question is quite simple so you can make extra cash and free airtime with Geopoll.

2. Price checking

You can earn free Geopoll credits by just go to Supermarket, market or Mall or any nearby shop and record the price of certain products and then submit it Geopoll, from there you will earn Geopoll credit which will be converted into free airtime. In my completing task Geopoll awards me credit as you can see in the screenshot below

Geopoll survey app
Geopoll Earning

3. Take Photos

Geopoll will award you some credit by taking photos like certain building, museum, railway station, gas filling station etc from there you will get free airtime, data and some passive income after converting it.

4. Test and review mobile application

You can also earn Geopoll credit by just download mobile application, text it and review it. In return Geopoll will give you credits that you will convert into airtime or data.

5. Through inviting your friend

You can also invite your friends to register and create account on Geopoll and Geopoll will award you credit that you will convert into airtime or data. Geopoll award from inviting friends differ from  different according to respective currency or location a Geopoll member comes from. In Tanzania you will receive Tsh. 116 for a inviting your friend to join Geopoll.

How to redeem Geopoll credit in Tanzania

To redeem Geopoll credit is quite simple. Now assume you already make a lot of Geopoll credit but you don’t know how to redeem. Don’t worry we are here to help. Follow this simple steps to get started;
Step 1. Login in your Geopoll app
Step 2. Click on Dollar💲icon in the bottom of your Geopoll apk
Step 3. Click “Redeem” as shown in the screenshot below

How to redeem Geopoll Credit
Screenshot showing how to redeem or Convert Geopoll Credit into free airtime or Data in Tanzania

Step 4. Choose amount you want to redeem. Geopoll minimum redeem amount in Tanzania is Tsh. 1000/=
Step 5. Lastly click or Redeem once again and your money will be reflected to your mobile money wallet you use when starting Geopoll registration.

Geopoll payment method

Geopoll payment method differ from one country to another. The accepted Geopoll payment method include, Paypal, mobile wallet, credit and debit card. In Tanzania Geopoll payment is mobile wallet like Vodacom or Tigo. But other country outside of Africa they can get real cash through PayPal.

Geopoll Review – Is it legit or Scam?

Many people asking me wether Geopoll is Legit or scam. My answer will base on my 4 years experience earning free airtime from Geopoll. In my opinion Geopoll is not scam at all it’s one of the easiest ways to make money online by doing survey through Geopoll App. Once you complete Geopoll survey your credit will be reflected in your account and you can redeem or with withdraw Geopoll credit into cash, free airtime or data, converted amount will be reflected in your Mpesa, Paypal or mobile wallet.

For example I earned a lot of Geopoll credit worth Tanzania Shilling 10,000+ and I tried to withdraw or redeem Tsh. 3000/= through Vodacom Tanzania and Money in form of airtime reflected in my account instantly as you can see in the screenshot below

How to redeem Geopoll credit
Screenshot showing how I reedem Geopoll Credit worth of Tsh. 3000 and arrive in my Vodacom Tanzania faster


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