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How to buy and sell Renec [Step by Step]

At the end of this article you will be able to buy and sell Remitano native coin Renec in less than 1 minute

Are you looking for buy Renec and sell Renec in less than 1 minutes?  If your answer is yes then you’re in the right direction because I’m going to show you step by step on how to buy and sell Remitano in few steps.

One should bear in mind that Renec is native token of Remitano exchange the same as BNB is native token of Binance exchange.

RENEC Launch date

Today 20/10/2022 Remitano officially launched their native coin or token called RENEC at the price of $2 that means Renec launch price was from $0.4 at 20th  October, 2022. Now most of people are struggling on how to buy and sell their RENEC. Because most of people earned Renec through RENEC mining and other buy it when Renec launched.

Without wasting let’s explore on on how to buy and sell RENEC in less than 1 minutes

How to sell my Renec

To sell Renec or buy RENEC kindly follow the following steps below;
Step 1. Login to Remitano accounton app, if you don’t have Remitano account open one by clicking here
Step 2. Click on “wallet” button at the  bottom of Remitano app
Step 3. Find RENEC coin and click on it
Step 4. Click on Swap button. Currently the pair is RENEC/USDT as shown in the screenshot below

How to buy and sell Renec coin
– Screenshot showing how to buy and sell Renec coin on Remitano App

Step 5. From there you can swap or sell Renec and get USDT which you can exchange with fiat through Remitano P2P.

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How to buy RENEC

To buy RENEC is quite simple, since Renec mainnet launch on 20/10/2022 one can buy Renec by passing through the following
1. Login to your Remitano account
2. Top up your Remitano account with USDT
3. Go to wallet tab and search Renec
4. Click on “Swap” pair USDT/RENEC
5. Click on Buy Renec button

From there you will be successful buy Recec the native coin of Remitano exchange.

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