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How to Apply Mo Dewji Foundation Scholarship 2022-2023 for Tanzanian Student

In this article you will learn more about Mo Scholarship provided every academic year for Undergraduates Tanzanian Student

Mo Dewji foundation Scholarship popular known as Mo Scholarship, is the kind of Scholarship awarded annualy to Tanzania Student to cover expenses like Tution fees, accomodations, Field Research, meals, as well books and Stationary

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Mo Scholars believe that high quality and accessible education is not only critical to the development of Tanzania, but is also a human right. In Tanzania, only 30% of children enroll in secondary school, and of that group, only 4% enroll in tertiary education.

Committed to empowering Tanzania’s youth, the Mo Scholars program provides scholarships to outstanding high school Form 6 graduates, who want to attend college or university but are unable to afford the cost.

Mo Foundation scholarships is awarded annually to selected high school graduates to cover tuition and additional fees (housing, meals etc.) for four years of undergraduate college. Currently No Scholarship support over 100 students.

The aim of this scholarship is to shape Tanzania’s next generation of leaders, Mo Scholars program, builds a supportive community of passionate students and provides them with the capacity to unlock their greatest potential

About Mo Dewji Foundation Scholarship

The idea for the Mo Dewji Foundation was conceived in 2000, when the CEO of MeTL Group, Mohammed Dewji, driven by passion and ambitions for the society, made great efforts to develop and expand the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and its role in creating positive change.

Mo dewji Foundation Scholarship Tanzania
Some of Tanzania Student Beneficiary of Mo Dewji Foundation Scholarship

Mo Dewji Foundation Scholarship terms and conditions

By applying to the Mo Scholars Program and accepting the scholarship award, the recipient agrees to the following terms and condition set forth below. Failure to abide by any of the following terms and conditions shall result in termination of the scholarship award.

By applying to the Mo Scholars Program and accepting the scholarship award, the recipient agrees to the following terms and condition set forth below. Failure to abide by any of the following terms and conditions shall result in termination of the scholarship award.
1. Recipients are required to maintain full-time student status as defined by participating universities.
2. Recipients are required to maintain a 3.5 GPA at all times throughout their academic degree.
3. Scholarship will be applied to the following expenses only; Tuition Fees, Direct University Fees = ID fees, registration fee, examination fees, medical capitation fees, student union fees, books and stationary allowance, Housing and meals allowance
4. Recipient agrees to complete his/her degree program in the time set forth by participating universities.
5. Recipient who falls out of attendance for more than thirty (30) days from the last date of academic activity will forfeit his/her scholarship.
6. Recipient agrees to abide by the University rules and regulations, including but not limited to, the Student Code of Conduct.

Eligibility criteria or requirements to apply Mo Dewji Scholarship

In order for someone to apply Mo Dewji Foundation Scholarship one must meet the following eligibility criteria;
1. High Academic Achievement: We suggest recipients to have obtained a grade point average of not less than 3.5 and Division I or II on A-Levels. This will be judged based on academic transcripts.
2. Financial Need: Recipient must demonstrate financial need and submit documentation in the form of a written statement explaining need plus any available reinforcing narrative in the form of references or further documents.
3. Leadership Potential: Recipient must possess leadership potential as demonstrated in extra-curricular activities, projects, and/or duties upheld prior to commencing their undergraduate studies. Applicants are required to provide evidence of this in the form of a written recommendation letter, awards received etc.
4. Must be a Tanzania citizen
5. Must be fluent in both Swahili and English language. The Official language of United Republic of Tanzania.

What Mo Dewji Foundation Scholarship Cover

Mo Scholarship cover the following expenses for Undergraduates Tanzanian student;
• Tution fees
• Registration fees
• Meals
• Accomodations
• Medical
• Student Identity and Field research

How to apply Mo Dewji Foundation Scholarship

Mo Dewji application form is found online. Therefore all application to this scholarship will be conducted online whereby you can fill application form. Alternatively you can follow this simple steps;
Steps 1. Launch your browser
Step 2. Navigate to:
Step 3. Fill the application form correctly
Steps 4. Click submit after correctly entering the required information.

Boom! Now you’re successfully applied to Mo Foundation Scholarship. Wait few days for your application to be processed. If you’re lucky you will receive notification that you’re among the 100 beneficiary of Mo Scholarship.

Mo Dewji Foundation contact and address

Do you want to reach Mo Dewji Foundation team. Here we provide you contact and address of Mo Dewji Foundation. Here is Mo Dewji Foundation contact and address;
• Phone: 0763387531
• 20th Floor, PSPF Golden
Jubilee Towers Ohio
Street P.O. Box 20660 Dar es Salaam Tanzania
• Email:
• Website:

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