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[NEW] How to Apply Green Card Lottery in Tanzania – DV Lottery Application

In this article you will leearn how to participate in DV lottery program in order to get the Green Card visa.

Green Card Lottery or DV Lottery Application is one of the legit way to migrate from Tanzania to USA. Green Card is the card allow you to work and live as permanent resident of United States of America. Every year US government awards 55,000 Visa to immigrants to live and work in the US. US Green Card application in Tanzania, currently didn’t require Passport to apply. So you don’t have any excuse to apply.

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The DV Lottery program are available to the country historically have low numbers of their people (immigrants in the United States of America. The list of countries to participate in DV lottery program is reviewed regularly. Therefore if your country have high number of immigrants to USA you’re not allowed to Participate. But Tanzania is allowed to Participate in DV 2024

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Sample of US Green Card
Sample of US Green Card

Many people in Tanzanian failed to participate in Green Card lottery due to the different challenges. For example some didn’t know anything about DV Lottery program, how to apply for green Card and what they should do after winning green Card lottery. Therefore in this piece of article I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Green Card Lottery.

Types of Green Card

There’s about 8 Categories of Green Card you can apply for. It’s worth to know those types of Green case. But in this article we will concentrate on DV Lottery Program, green Card visa after participating in Diversity Lottery Program. The following are categories of Green
• Green Card through Employment
• Green Card through Family
• Green Card through DV Lottery Program
• Green Card for Victim of Abuse
• Green Card for Human trafficking
• Green card through Asylum or Refugee
• Green as special immigrants.

Requirements for Green Card Application

Green card application requirements include;
1. You must be from a country which allowed to participate in the DV lottery program. Yes Tanzania is one the countries allowed to participate.
2. You must have at least High school level of Education
3. Work Experience. You must have 2 years of work experience
4. Clean photo. You must have a clean and update photo of you.
5. No age limit to Participate in DV lottery
6. Birth Certificate or National ID
7. No passport requirements in the current Green Card Application.

DV lottery or Green Card Application in Tanzania

Green Card Application is conducted online by filling DV lottery application form. Therefore if you’re Tanzanian and you meet the eligibility requirements or criteria above, follow the following procedures to Participate in the DV Lottery Program;
Step 1. Launch your browser
Step 2. Navigate to:
Step 3. Fill the required information like your full name, Nationality, place of Birth, marital status, your education level, your photo etc
Step 4. Submit the DV lottery application form after filling it online.

After filling the Green Card Lottery, now the question is what you should do. Don’t worry we prepared a guide on what happens after submitting your application and what you should do.

Green Card Process – DV Lottery Program Process;

The DV Lottery program involve the following processes before you get Visa and landed to United States;
1. Application through DV Lottery official website here
2. Winner drawing and winning notification
3. Green Card Interview at US Consulate or US Embassy
4. Receive Your Green Card (Green Card Visa)
5. Board to USA!!!

Remember, after winning Green Card there’s other process which I didn’t include above like Green Card Application fees which cost $220, Medical examination fees. If you’re not selected DV Program this year you can try next year to see wether you can get chance of winning.

DV Lottery Application date

The date for Green card application this year will be from 5th October to 8th November, 2022 and the results will be announced on next year. Then the interview for DV lottery winner will start on September next year.

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