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5 Approved Benefits of Green Card [Updated]

In this article you will learn 5 advantage of having Green Card in USA. No one can tell you this benefits. Keep reading

Hi! Are you looking to know benefits of Green Card? If you answer is yes, then you are in right place because in this article I’m going to tell each and everything about Green card advantage. Therefore if you’re Green Card holder you don’t know the benefits of such card or you’re now applying for DV Lottery 2024 in order to get Green Card just chill while I’m giving you benefits of Green card.

Before wasting time, let see some of advantage of having Green Card for Green card holder.

What are advantage of Green Card

The following are benefits of Green Card if you’re a beneficiary of DV lottery and you’re already received your Green Card;

1. Unemployment allowance

Having Green card will help you access public welfare in the United States for example if you loose job due to pandemic, or if you are unable to find work. For example during the COVID 19 Pandemic many people loose job, so the US government give them unemployment allowance.

2. Help you to acquire US Permanent resident status

When you successfully acquire Green Card automatically you become permanent US citizens. That being a case you will acquire or get benefits any permanent resident gets. As you can see how powerful Green card is.

3. Help you to study anywhere in the United States

As a United States green card holder you will be able to study in any University within US and you will not regarded as International students but a permanent resident US student. This is perfect benefits especially if you’re green card holder and you wish to study in US University and Colleges.

4. To become a United States Citizens

Having a Green Card while in United States while in US it will become easier for you to apply United States of America citizenship upon meet other requirements for instance the number of years you stay in United States. The good news is that once you successfully getting US citizens you will have both benefits like the one get US citizen by birth like participating in United States politics.

5. Freedom to travel within United States and outside of US

As a United States Green Card holder you have a freedom to travel anywhere in the United States and States within US. Not only travel within United States but also you can anywhere within a United States as normal citizen of US and you will be treated as United States citizen while abroad. This is the reason why most of people do apply Green Card or DV lottery program.

Pro Tip: Another advantage of being Green Card holder you can invite your closet family colleagues to be USA citizens. For example having green card you can help your spouse and children to become United States citizen.

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