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New Job Vacancy at Bolt Tanzania

Discover the daily responsibilities and challenges faced by a Senior Operations Manager at Bolt Tanzania, and gain insight into the world of ride-hailing in East Africa. If you’re curious about what it takes to lead a team in a fast-paced, competitive industry, look no further than our interview with a Senior Operations Manager at Bolt Tanzania. From managing driver incentives to navigating local regulations, a Senior Operations Manager at Bolt Tanzania has their work cut out for them. Learn more about this fascinating role and the impact it has on the ride-hailing ecosystem in Tanzania.

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Senior Operation Manager at Bolt Tanzania

What drives our operations? Our people. We’re looking for an analytical and solutions-driven Senior Operations Manager who can sort up supply, support, demand, and grow Bolt further. Let’s build the future of transportation together! Your role will have a direct and tangible impact on local operations that you can see in real-time. If you’re ready to take full ownership of your work, disrupt the marketplace, and shape movement patterns in the urban landscape – here’s your chance! You will report directly to the Country Manager and you will be viewed as their right-hand woman/man. You will support, at their discretion, the Country Manager’s work in operations, strategy, PR, public policy, marketing, budgeting and projects. This role can be considered, based on performance, as a stepping stone to Country Manager position. Your daily adventures will include:

  • Managing operations in Tanzania
  • Define, implement and optimise local operational processes and procedures
  • Figure out the logistics of how many drivers are needed where and when
  • Design and execute strategies to increase driver’s engagement and loyalty while reducing churn rate
  • Develop complex analytical models and reporting systems at city and country level
  • Actively support the expansion through the rest of the country
  • Establish partnerships with local fleet owners and other relevant entities
  • Advise and closely collaborate with HQ teams such as Product, Legal or Marketing to develop and execute key initiativesJob Vacancy at Bolt Tanzania

What we’re looking for:

  • 5+ years experience in management and analytical positions
  • A data-driven analytical mindset (great Excel skills)
  • Amazing negotiation and communication skills
  • Be a hustler, not stopping after 20 obstacles a day
  • People management experience
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Finance, Engineering or other analytical subjects
  • Passion about new technologies and ride-sharing
  • General experience in Distribution or FMCG preferred

You will get extra credit for:

  • Experience in the sharing economy, transportation industry, tech, startups or a dynamic high-growth company
  • Experience in product launches or running a business

Do you posses all qualification? Apply Now

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