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Walioitwa kwenye usaili jeshi la polisi 2023

Walioitwa usahili jeshi la polisi 2023. The Tanzania Police Force was officially established on August 25, 1919 by an English Government announcement from the Gazette No.Vol.1 No.21-2583 at that time it was called the Tanganyika Police Force.

But the army was legally established by the Police Force Act of 1939 [THE POLICE FORCE AND AUXILIARY SERVICES ACT OF 1939) PRINCIPAL LEGISLATION. This law is in force until now, although it has been amended from time to time.

The Headquarters of the Army according to the announcement was in Lushoto District in Tanga Region under the leadership of Major S.T Davis.

Later in 1921, a group of Police Inspectors from Europe arrived in Tanganyika and established a specialized police training school in Morogoro Region, which met their needs and found enough professional soldiers. Despite having black soldiers who trained, but still those soldiers remained with low positions in the police because all the top positions were given to white soldiers.

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The colonial police force had only men, no woman was given the chance to join the army, not even the Tanganyikas, even the soldiers in the colony were all men. The training was aimed at giving the Soldiers methods to oppress the African, to convince them that everything the colonialists said was correct, the oppression and humiliation of the African was great and that took a large part of the training for the Colonial Soldiers.

Askar was taught obedience to colonial leaders and cruelty against Africans, especially colonial leaders and chiefs. The goal was to rule Mtanganyika easily. Watanganyika used traditional weapons to fight the colonial soldiers, the weapons were clubs, swords, spears, and arrows, as well as weapons made of well-hewn stones.

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