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Zanzibar law school – Check online application, results, timetable LSZ login

In this article you will learn about Zanzibar Law School online application, check examinations results and check course offered at the school.

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From year 2021 Zanzibar opened her new law school hereinafter called Law school of Zanzibar (LSZ). Before we jump on how to do online application to join law school of Zanzibar, it’s better to know a little bit about about this new school of law being the second law school to be established in Tanzania, the first being Law school of Tanzania (LST)

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Law school of Zanzibar
Screenshot showing Law School of Zanzibar website Dashboard


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History background of Law school of Zanzibar

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar has been undertaking several initiatives aimed at strengthening administration of justice and Good Governance.

Some of these initiatives include the adoption and implementation of different Government’s policies, legislation and other Strategies aimed to facilitate service delivery to the public. On the other hand, the Government in implementation of Public, Private Partnership policy creates conducive environment for Private sector to grow and be able to participate in economic growth.

In 2014/15-2018/19 the Government adopted Legal Sector Reform Strategy (LSRS) with six (6) Key Result Areas (KRAs). One among the challenges addressed in this Strategy is the absence of clear system in Zanzibar on how a person can become an advocate.

The current system according to the strategy vests the power to the Chief Justice of Zanzibar to grant a lawyer the permission to practice law in Zanzibar. To overcome this challenge, KRA 5 of the strategy come up with strategic intervention provides oversite to the legal practice.

One among the key expected output under this intervention is to establish the Council of Legal Education with the ultimate aim should be to establish the Law School of Zanzibar where law graduates could go for practical training.

MKUZA III key Result Area address the issue of Adhering to Good Governance principles with expected outcome to increased access to justice, respect for rule of law, adherence to basic human rights, and greater participation in the democratic process.

On the other hand, the Government adopted the Zanzibar Development Vision 2050 in October 2020. One among the Strategic Directions of the Vision 2050 is to upholding transparency, accountability and the rule of law in government and society, supported by an efficient and competent bureaucracy for public service delivery.

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar realizes the urgent needs to implement the above National Strategies and decided to establish the Law School of Zanzibar in order to ensure that legal system should uphold the principle that no Zanzibari is left behind to strengthen poverty reduction initiatives. The current principal of Zanzibar law school is Dr. Ali Ahmed Uki.

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Guiding principles, Mission and vision of Law school of Zanzibar (LSZ)

In carrying out its functions under this Act, the Law School of Zanzibar shall have regards to the following guiding principles:

  1. Maintenance of integrity and professionalism;
  2. Achievement of excellency;
  3. Non-discrimination; and
  4. Accountability.

VISION To be a center of excellence in professional practical legal training, research and consultancy in Zanzibar.

MISSION : To offer quality practical training in law and related disciplines for professional development of lawyers and other actors in the legal sector, and to undertake research, consultancies, and projects.

Principal of Law school of Zanzibar speech on opening of the Law school

During the opening of law school of Zanzibar principal of the school hereinafter Ali Ahmed Uki delivered the following speech;

“On behalf of the management and entire staff of the Law School of Zanzibar (LSZ), I am pleased to take this opportunity to inform you that the newly established Law School of Zanzibar is now in operation being guided by Act No. 13 of 2019 which was assented on 30th December, 2019 by retired President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council His Excellency Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein.
The School has been established with the main objectives of training persons to be qualified advocates or vakils, providing training to paralegals in consultation with the Legal Aid Department established under the Legal Aid Act and providing other specialized trainings in the legal sector.

The School is also charged with the duty to provide curricula, training manuals, conduct examinations and confer awards, undertake projects, research, consultancies, arrange for publication and dissemination of legal practice literature generated from activities of the School as may be determined by the Council.

It is my belief that the establishment of School as historic legal development serves as a nucleus of increasing legal expertise on critical legal issues including human rights and good governance in general and at the end of the day achievement of dispensation of justice in Zanzibar.

This will further promote access to justice in Zanzibar which is in compliance to the Goal 16.3 of the United Nations: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which among other things, insists on the Good Governance and the Rule of Law.

Although, the school establishment is long overdue I would like to emphasize that the School which is falling under the sphere of Ministry of State in the President’s Office, Constitution, Legal Affairs, Public Service and Good Governance, would capacitate the advocates and promote the access to justice to the people. The school will live up to the expectations of legal experts and the people in general

I would, however, request all the people particularly legal experts from and outside Zanzibar to offer the maximum cooperation to ensure a success story of the Law School. A lot of capital and effort has been put by the government into establishment of this School. On behalf of the School Council and management we thank you in a special way for your support and cooperation”

How to apply law school of Zanzibar (LSZ)

The application is easy, quick and simple. With a few short steps and by providing basic information. As a LSZ applicant, you will be connected with a personal Admissions Advisor, who will be there to guide you through every step of the application process. If you have any questions or concerns throughout the application process, your personal Admissions Advisor will be happy to help.

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To start, apply on our website at Law School of Zanzibar and provide us with some basic information about you and your level of education. You will then be directed to our

payment page where you can pay the application fee. You will then get an email with login details to access the LSZ System.

Qualifications/requirements to join or apply law school of Zanzibar

If you’re looking on how to apply law school of Zanzibar you need to know that all applicants in postgraduate programs must have the following qualifications in order to be eligible to join Law School of Zanzibar;
1. For Form IV and Form VI holders make sure you have an A level and an O level.

2. You should have index numbers that should be written in the following format.

Law school of Zanzibar online application – How to apply step by step

You can do application to law school of Zanzibar through  our school website you can apply using our system that will make it easier for you to apply for school more easily and quickly.
Before you can login you’ll need to authorize your account by confirming the email address you submitted with your application. When you submit your application, LSZ System will send you an email with a special link for authorization. This step is crucial to access your LSZ System .

Online Application Procedure
To apply this is what you need to do:
1) Read the Application Requirements
2) Read the Online Application Process
3) Apply online

Apply using the Online Application and pay the application fee.
Note: The online application system works for 24hrs. Please save frequently.
You can return to your application to complete an existing application, to start a new application, or to check on the status of a submitted application. To return to your application go to Online Application and login with your application Login ID and Password.

• Click here to apply Zanzibar law School Online Application or to download Application Form.

Alternatively you can follow the following procedures in order to do online application at Law School of Zanzibar;
1. Launch your browser
2. Navigate to:
3. Fill the application form, pay required information as shown in the screenshot below

Zanzibar law school online application
Screenshot showing website portal to apply to join Zanzibar law school

4. Submit your application
5. If you find any problem while making application to law school of Zanzibar then call admissions office through this contact: 0774884889

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