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5+ Requirements to attend Tanzania sensa interview

Today NBS announced the selected name to participate in census which which will be held in Tanzania, August this year.

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Njia 17+ za kutengeneza pesa ukiwa chuo bila kuwa na capital/investment

Census interview Requirements

However NBS listed down requirements needed in order to participate in census which include;

(i) Your Education Academic certificates which includes, Form IV certificate

(ii) National Identity Card NIDA

(iii) Every applicants will be self depending (atajigharamia mahitaji muhimu) food, transport, and shelter

(iv) Time management, you need to appear in selected area for interview early

(v) Name selected are found on NBS website.

Majina ya sensa
Vitu vya kuzingatia kwenye usaili WA Sensa 2022

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Interview date

Interview date depend from one region to another. But for the Mbeya District Council the interview will be conducted between 19/7/2022 up to 21/7/2022

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