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What is new world ?

                    Is conspiracy theory  which hypothesizes a secretively emerging totalitarian world goverment .
                       –Conspiracy theory is about a NEW WORLD ORDER  is that a secretive power                        community ( secreaty community)  with a globalist  agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the World though an authoritarian one world goverment  which will replace capitalist  nation state   according Wikipedia

Someone says that “Collapse of the world economic system and rumors of the war ,drought ,hungers , and starvation , disease ,some heard and other many more  are all symptoms of the march toward the New World Order  (NWO)            



The worst its still to come are ready front will be totalitarian system with brutality that you never imagined 
                   PLAN OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER  


  • To have one World  system of globalization every place this is act of life now days  
  • ,capitalism  many of nations are in this kind of system 
    •  reduce World population  what are are you think about corona viruses                                                                  the doctor how discover the outbreake                                                                                                    
    •    the outbreak                                                                                                                                      
    •   place for outbreake        

Some saysIts relied with satanism as long as missions from generation to generations where by                             everything in human so far its become successfully almost in many forms Music…                                  Humanitarian ….. Cosmentic …Politics …. Religions …Universal currency but i don’t think      about (Cryptocurrency) systems and other forms ” 


There  a lot of theories on this issues and you have to be carefully  when you read them as some if not all are conspiracy theories you can read some of information here    

  • IF you  read the article of King Fredrick iii(Greatly Mason) he said ” Fastly when the while body of the church should be sufficiently  weekended and infidelity strong enough the find  blow is to be dealt by the sword of open relent less presentation whole earth and    continue while a christian should be informed obstinate enough to adhere to Christianity 
  • If you read Revelation 1:3 and he said “Bless is he how reads and those hear the worlds of the                                                  prophecy and keep those thing which are written in it”    

Is this schemes a New World Order is a reality ? 

                       yes its.  If  you don’t believe these encourage  you to study the united nation document
                         and also the treaties which are reified by individual nation become                                                  INTERNATIONAL LAW. The United nation created the commissions for Global                                        Governance and look it up    


  • Absolute proof of Venus connection to the UN&NWO elite (abouttopsecreact)

  • NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY ILLUMINATI MANSON NASA MarsApollo after Antichrist conspiracy (net)

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