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Why secrets can be harmful secret can cause death secret can cause you problems

If you suffering from a spouse, lover,close friend or boss and almost your keeps secrets ,larger or small you may experience negative health effects from thinking about them or it.
With secret,this mechanism might keep you thinking about the information you trying to keep secret even when the people you are hiding the information from are not around.

As the result, keeping secret maybe stressful but not because of activity of hiding it from a person .It may stressful ,because you may keeping thinking about information  which reminds you that you have a secret and may make you feel as though  you are not acting authentically and that came depress your mood
So secret can decrease your happiness ,can be associated with poorer health and lead into poor relationship with others

Many of psychologist  says if you share your secret can result in many positive benefits such as improve mood, an increased 

feeling support and connectness,problem clarification ,increase self esteem and more balanced life strong
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