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Wuhan market – Corona virus first case

Wet market also known as public market
In is place that selling fresh meet,fish,produce and other perishable goods as distrigushed from “dry market”that sell durable goods such as farbic and electron

This type are common in many part of world
The huanan seafood wholesale  market
  • This market gained Media attention after being identified as possible point of original of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Thirty-three out of 585 environmental samples obtained from the market indicate evidence of Corina virus desease 2019 according to the Chinese center for disease control and prevention
  • Its reported to have been the largest seafood whole market in central China
  • The market has a section selling around 120 cross 75 species.      

  • Bats were initially suggested to be the source  of the virus although its remains unclear if bats were sold there  and its yet unclear whether the novel corona virus out break started in the market

  • Chinese environmentalist,researchers and state media have called for stricter regulation of exotic animal trade in wet market

  • on 22januarl2020 aban on the sale of all wild animal products in Wuhan was announced

  • In may2020 the city banned eating wild animals 
  • On 24 February 2020 the Chinese government announced that trade and consumption  of wild animal would be banned throughout China

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