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The king of cocaine

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Plablo Escobar the king of cocaine 

He was born December /1/1949
 He is Colombian by nationalism 

Pablo was responsible for the killing of thousand of people  included 
  • Politician
  • Police officer
  • Journalist and etc
*His person net worth  was estimated well over 30 billion to 53 bilious USD 

*He was having large collection of luxury cars, House’s ,estate and bank accounts
-in 1976 Escobar had founded with  80 ton’s of cocaine

In Desember/2/1993 Pablo died 
The causes of his death was Gunshot wound to the head 
In 2015  a Colombian farmer reportedly found 600mil dollars believed to be a part of Escobar’s  fortune  buried in the field
According to Robert Escobar  his brother’s money is held in secret bank accounts all over the world and he doesn’t known all about them 
Other pable Escobar names was
  • Godfather 
  • Sir Pablo

Among of the factor he was marriage
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