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Issac Newton  
He was born in 25/December/1642
He was an English mathematical,physicist,astonomer,theologian and  author
*He best known for ;
  • Newtonian mechanic
  • Universal gravitation
  • Calculus
  • Newton’s law of motion
  • Optics,Binomial, series  
  • FRS
  • Knight
  • Bachelor’s
One of his articles was 

His father died three months before his birth
His mother was remarried with Revered Barnabas’s Smith

His father also called Issac
Newton’s was educated at the King’s school
When he was 17 he removed from school
It’s sometimes told that Issac Newton was reading a book under the tree when a Apple when a Apple from the tree fell next to him  this led his calculation of gravitation

He died in 20/March/1726

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