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The doctor who discovered the first case of Covid-19/the hwang cases /Corona trends /the dictionary of corona

Le Wenliang 

He was born 12October 1986 beizhen China 
He attended Wuhan university school of medicine as bachelor’s and master’s degree program
He joined to Communist Party of China
He was basketball fun
He known for raising awareness about the Covid -19 disease

The authority was warning Le to stop spread romors news  which was Covid-19 now days
He was arrested for spread the information about Covid -19
The existence of Li’s personal blog where he documented his discoveries was reported by the Italian newspaper LA stamps 1 February
On 4 February  the Chinese supreme people’s court said that “Li Wenliang and other 7 wuhan  citizen should not have been published as what they said was not entity false”
After that happen people Start’s to wear masks and carry out sanitization measures and avoiding wild animal market 

On 8January Li

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